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Oct 19, 2006 11:54 PM

Little Szechuan St. Paul: So Excited!

ok, the second anyone tries this place they have to report back. I have visions of a St. Paul Tea House dancing in my head. In case you did not see the story in the Pioneer Press, I tried to post the link but you have to be a member, so just go to the Pioneer Press site and search for Little Szechuan, the story is from today, 10/19/06. This place is in the old Bui site on University. We may have to go this weekend.

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  1. Wow! Thanks, Alice, for the info! It sounds great. Here's a link to the PP article, in case it works.


    1. I am happy to report that I no longer have to travel to Plymouth to get awesome authentic szechuan food. Now, I preface this by saying that I was sick last night so I did not have much of an appetite, so everyone ordered things I am not interested in. Also, be sure to order off the authentic menu, can't remember which one is which, there is green and black, but authentic has not cream cheese wontons.
      Anyway, the chung king chicken which I like boneless (it is bone in on the authentic menu, but I just specified what I wanted) was awesome and perfect. The hot and sour soup was fine. Lamb with cumin was very good, as was the cucumber appetizer (warm and spicy). The tongue is something I can't eat, but it is reported to be very spicy and good. Eggplant in black bean sauce (or maybe it was brown sauce) was also a hit, and less spicy.
      The service is very rocky, but give it time. In any case, I am the happiest little girl in the world.

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        Thank you, Alice, for checking this place out (and Anne for the link to the PP story)--I read the same story and was also curious. Funny--we were so devastated when Bui closed, but now that Mai Village features Bui dim sum AND we've got this new Szechuan place, it seems we're better off than we were before. I've been too busy to do much chow-exploring lately, but I'm putting this place on my "must try" list.


      2. I am sort of shocked by the lack of response to this restaurant on this board: this place is dyno-MITE, it is at the top of the TC Chinese food-chain, on par with Tea House.
        Oh well, I guess there'll just be more room for me and Paz.

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          Quick question, AliceS-
          beer/wine, full bar, or neither?
          Can't tell from the Pioneer Press article, and it has been a long day, so I am a trifle exhausted. This seems the easiest way to find out in the wee hours.

          1. re: ajs

            Beer and wine for sure, not sure about full bar.

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                They have a small wine bar, or a large wine rack, that is stocked with bottles of wine and wineglasses in the back of the dining area, but when I asked to see a wine list they said they didn't have wine...maybe they shouldn't display it in open view. They said they had beer: MGD, Budweiser and Heineken, but no Singha yet (there were signs hanging for Singha beer). I ordered a Heineken, which tasted watery, and confirmed my suspicions when I turned the bottle around and read "does not contain more than 3.2% alcohol." Maybe they're waiting for a more extensive liquor license? I don't know how these things work--and this was also on a Sunday.
                We had a phenomenal meal of the Chung King Shrimp--breaded fried shrimp in a sort of blackened red chili oil--a dish that was somehow magically ungreasy. We also had the sauteed eggplant in garlic sauce, which was flavorful, but rather mushy and not something I would generally care to eat more than a few pieces of--but I guess what can you expect from eggplant. I like it, but it seems no matter how its cooked you quickly become bored with an abundance of it, and the portions at Szechuan are absolutely enormous, comparable to Buca style platters. I will definitely be going back for that shrimp, as well as many other intriguing items I read on the menu!

          2. I had lunch last week at the old Bui site. The name is Szechaun Village! It was previously written up on this board.


            1. The original comment has been removed