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Oct 19, 2006 11:54 PM

Anyone know of anygood restaurants that make Scallon Pancakes?

I was taken to an asian restaurant in the plymouth area area and loved them, but it's too far away any one know of any places in the boston area that make them ?


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  1. I think it's fair to say that most Chinese and Thai restaurants in Boston have them on the menu. My favorite may be at Zoe's in Somerville, but I don't necessarily recommend you go there.

    Have you tried Brown Sugar Cafe (a nice Thai place)? They have scallion pancakes.

    1. Lots of them around in Chinese restaurants. I think Taiwan Cafe and King Fung Garden have really good ones (or did last time I had them.....a long time ago). I think almost anyplace in Chinatown will make them though quality varies.......I bet you'll get some good replies.

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        Really like King Fung's---it's a greasy guilty pleasure. I'd be willing to bet that the OP finds better versions in Boston than in Plymouth.

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          I third (or fourth!) King Fung Garden. If you ask me, it's no accident that they call their version "scallion pie" as compared to the more ubiquitous scallion pancake. Somehow it just seems more toothsome, layered with flavor and texture, and goes especially well with the little dish of sambal for dipping.


      2. The Wok on route 9 in Wellesley has very tasty scallion pancakes. You might give it a try.

        1. Peking Cuisine on Walnut Street in Newton makes tasty ones.

          1. I really like the scallion pancakes at Mary Chung's in Central Square, Cam bridge.

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              I think these are my favorites in the area -- King Fung's are good, but when Mary's are on, they are really on.