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Oct 19, 2006 11:22 PM

What's up with Adair's in College Park?

Can anyone provide me some information/reviews?

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  1. Information as in what's going on with the restaurant?

    There are rumblings about problems and possible closure, none of which (so far) have checked out.
    But they haven't been dismissed yet, either, and with your nome de plume my speculation is that your are fishing.

    If you want my take on the food, ambiance, etc. it's quite good. I like the menu and the chef, service is quite good and the rooms, especially the bar, the patio and the small dining room in front are very nicely done.
    Food is stylized Low Country, but with a lot of flair and an emphasis on seafood.


    1. Further to your question, the restaurant "no-showed" at the March of Dimes Signature Chef event on Thursday night.
      They were closed at lunch today with a sign on the door, which I could not stop to read.

      I'm told they are closed, but that's second hand information.

      Will try to confirm and advise.


      1. Adair's Restaurant closed effective Sunday.

        No details other than that the owners -- partners -- had a falling out over the operation and one decided to pull out, leaving the other unable to shoulder the load himself.

        Space is up for lease. The partners own the building. Want to lease the space and willing to sell the name.

        My guess is the concept is a year or two behind the curve. As College Park matures, this concept could work.
        Also price point was a little too high for the neighborhood. Although it was not any higher than "K", there was a perception that grits and shrimp and Low Country food in general should cost a little less, I believe . . .