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Oct 19, 2006 11:10 PM

Good Chinese in London

Where can I find good Chinese in London? I don't mean dubious grey meat and soggy vegetables, but quality, fresh food, where I'm confident it's not cat or dog I'm being served. No buffets.

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  1. Do a search on 'chinese' and you will find a good recent thread.

    Not listed there, as far as I recall, is Royal China Club in Baker street. I have only eaten Dim Sum there but it is a lot more expensive than the other Royal China in Baker Street and the food was absolutely superb.

    1. Royal China is great for dim sum and meals - I normally go to the Baywater location (on Queensway). My friends from Singapore found this for us several years ago. Very finely prepped dim sum.

      If you want *great* roast duck, Four Seasons - it's also on Queensway. The other dishes are good, too.

      Funny enough, my favorite dim sum place is Ping Pong. It's one of those hip places, but reasonable priced dim-sum. I love the drinks. The dim sum menu is fairly traditional, but focuses mostly on dumplings and fried puffs/rolls. It is much better value than Yanautcha.

      I'm from the States, living in London. Bayswater is a far better area to get Chinese food than Chinatown. Avoid Chinatown at all costs.

      1. Just had a really good Chinese Dinner tonight at Mandarin Kitchen which specializes in fish at 14 Queensway across from Royal China. Their signature dish is Lobster with noodles and the sizzling shrimp with black bean and chilles is outstanding as well as the soft shell crab. Environment is nothing to write about but the quality and price of the meal makes for excellent value.

        Red Fort in Soho is a very good Indian. Passione on Charlotte Street is excellent Italian and Galvin Bros on Baker Street is the best French brasserie in London. Best advice is try and match your restaurants to the areas you are sightseeing.