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Oct 19, 2006 11:01 PM

Memphis Minnie's brunch - gone!

I am sorry to report that Memphis Minnie's is no longer serving brunch. BOO! Whne I asked for a reason, the somewhat complicated answer seemed to be that there wasn't enough return on investment of time, effort, and, presumably, money.

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  1. Dang! I never got there for brunch :-(

    When I was there for dinner last week, they did say they were doing well after being on "Check Please"...but running out of desserts early.

    1. I had their brunch several times, and the place was almost full each time. Did they need to be packed AND have tons of takeout orders? Because it was hardly empty in there.

      Moreover, their brunch was developing a reputation as being great for hangovers. Too bad...

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        I heard that one of the problems is that it was packed from 11:30 until 1pm, but had little going on earlier in the morning or later.

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          I've been there several times for brunch (I tend to go early) when it was quite empty.

        2. Then I wish they'd just open later!

          ...I should just count myself lucky that I got to enjoy it while I had the chance. I will really miss that chicken hash...and the corned beef hash. Here's hoping they will at least integrate some of the brunch dishes into the main menu.

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            That's not the point. They wanted to develop a breakfast business in ADDITION to their lunch business, not have breakfast COMPETE with lunch.

            John spends all day Friday preping for the weekend brunch business and as much as he wanted to make it work, there just weren't enough customers. It was too much of a drain on MM resources with not enough return on investment.

            I hate all San Francisco "foodies" today for letting this business die. Especially those idiots that stand in line outside of Kate's Kitchen when there was a far superior place a mere one block away.

          2. Drat drat and double drat! So much for trying the glazed bacon and other tasty treats that I've only just read about :( I am a corned beef hash lovin' fool too. What has the world come to when something like this comes to an end?

            Somebody had better come up with a good substitute for their corned beef hash or there'll be hell to pay.

            1. I live across the street from Memphis Minnie's, so I went over and spoke with Tom Campbell, the general manager of Minnie's. Brunch is indeed no longer being served; last weekend was the last brunch.

              Like most stories, this one's more complicated than just "not enough business." The biggest factor is that John B., who was the main man doing brunch (prepping all day Friday, and cooking all the made-to-order items special to brunch) is moving to Southern California.

              I'm sure if the extra two hours of being open, and all the extra work that brunch required, were bringing in significant additional business then Minnie's would find another guy to handle brunch. But the reality is that it was a _lot_ more work for just a _little_ more money, and that's not something that many people will sign up for.

              It's a shame; as La Rochelle wrote, it's ridiculous that Kate's Kitchen has lines out the door when brunch at Minnie's was usually no more than half-full for most of it's lifespan.

              Oh, and for the people missing their corned beef hash, well, you weren't having corned beef hash, that was never on the menu. It was a beef brisket hash, and yes, it was amazing.