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BLD for dinner?

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How is the dinner at BLD? I have only heard about the place for breakfast or lunch.

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  1. I disagree as well. I had an excellent piece of fish and a nice crisp there. The cheese plate is also excellent for larger parties.

    1. Disagree. The place is brilliant for a steak and a cocktail, lashed with much charcuterie.
      Service both times I went was more than perfect, just about the best I've had in LA.

      1. The chorizo at BLD is from La Espanola and is top notch - maybe not what you thought you were going to get, but exactly what it should be. Other meats are from Fra'Mani, and the cheeses are generally well-chosen and properly aged. And if you spent $180 on the meal you described, you must have ordered one hell of a wine.

        That being said - it is more of a wine-bar/brunch place than it is a fancy dinner house. The ``entrees'' - hanger steak, chicken, salmon do occasionally seem like afterthoughts.

        1. I was there last Sat night and really liked it. I thought that the amount of cheese and salami that you get for the price was a rip-off (our $6 cheese selection was probably less than an ounce, and our Fra'Mani Gentile salami should have been cut thicker [for tastes reasons, not financial reasons]) but still enjoyed it. Loved my salad and the main course. I liked the space as well; it was happening but you could here your dining companions.