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Oct 19, 2006 10:37 PM

good grub near dayton's bluff?

see the pop's diner thread: we're moving to new area, edge of dayton's bluff (out of lowertown) & seeking good local food places: also chowish groceries to be had? any good Asian, Mexican, Italian grocery/delis? good place to get a beer? we've done some major-street drivebys & have seen some torta places and pho emporiums that look promising, but admit to being clueless about our new environs. HELP!

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    guess I forgot that this is a midwest board, not a Twin Cities board-- it would help to mention I'm talking about St Paul MN.

    1. With the sad news of the change of ownership of Pops, the options have become somewhat more limited. Below is a link to a discussion of this subject from last summer: