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Oct 19, 2006 10:18 PM

DC - Metro Center Favorite Take-Out?

I am in Washington DC now through Nov. 9th. Lot's of long days and evenings ahead. I've been assigned by the locals (I live in Sonoma, CA) to find an eclectic list of sure-fire take-out spots that will also serve in the evening. Open to any cuisine, I just need to have each meal keep folks happy. Thanks in advance. I'll be trying the first suggestion tomorrow!

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  1. That area is terrific during the day and a wasteland at night. All the carry-outs close by late afternoon except for McDonald's and Popeye's, even the food court at National Place.
    I was in the National Press Building and often worked late so I would get something early or go up to the Press Club (I'm a member though) and they'd fix something I could carry down to my office.

    You might be able to arrange for someplace to semi-cater what you want. Firehook Bakery. Au Bon Pain. Red Sage Grill. Ceiba's Cuban Sandwiches. M & S Grill. I can't remember the name of the great sandwich place on F between 13th and 14th. Subway, Quiznos are nearby. Some of the food stalls in National Place. The Press Club might do it even for non-members.
    Some of the places in Chinatown might deliver since you're not far. Capital Q Texas barbeque delivers. Third and Eats has great sandwiches, delivers and is a training program for the homeless.
    You'll have to get creative, find places that will deliver, or get in a cab to pick up food in another section of town that doesn't shut down when the office buildings close.

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      Thank you. I went to Ceiba's today. I had the Hot Pressed Cuban Sandwich, which was excellent. I sat at the bar and had very helpful service.

      Anything else you would recommend during the day?

    2. You've _got_ to try Potbelly (the sandwich chain that's everywhere in DC). It is so superior to Quizno's or Subway. I live in L.A. and I'm sad that they are not on the west coast (yet?).

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        OK, I'll check it out. Thanks.

      2. Hickcity:

        It is now 2008 and I came upon your post while looking for a listing of National Press Club foodcourt places.

        The Cowgirl Creamery on 919 F makes really good sandwiches and white bean salads. Teaism on 400 8th Street makes a healthy modified banh mi with awesome hot mayo. On Thursdays after 3pm there is also the Farmer's Market on 8th.