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Oct 19, 2006 09:50 PM

Tango Sur? Yay or ney?

A friend of mine recomended Tango Sur and assured me that it was amazing. What are your thoughts on the place? Anything you think I should order?


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  1. Hmmm - that's a tough call and a very subjective one, too. Some people still adore this place while others (us included) tend to feel that the bloom is off the rose and it's time to move on to other offerings.

    The BYOB cost advantage is nothing nothing to scoff at in a a potentially romantic spot that serves impressive steaks at very fair prices. Portions are more than generous, but most of us can't resist the empanadas or cheese appetizers. The garlicky spinach-mashed potatoes are terrific. And steaks are served with a more than competent chimichurri sauce.

    That said, if you go on the weekends you can expect long waits, slow service and a high decibel noise level - leading many to wonder, is this worth it?

    You probably will enjoy the food and be thrilled with the bill. I'm just not sure there aren't better choices. Hope our fellow Chowhounds will weigh in. I feel like a real fence sitter on this one.

    1. Tango Sur is good but not amazing. It surely does not hold a candle to the Steakhouses in Buenos Aires. Argentinian beef is unbelievable.

      I would pick Think Cafe (also BYOB) on Western Avenue over Tango Sur. Excellent food and nice intimate atmosphere. This place is definitely a couple of notches above Tango Sur.

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        They're completely different restaurants serving completely different food. They aren't remotely comparable except that they're both BYO and on the north side.

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          Yes, I similarities in food with Tango Sur & Think Cafe. The poster's friend claims that Tango Sur is amazing. It's good but not amazing. Think Cafe is more along the lines of amazing.

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            We didn't think Think Cafe was amazing. :) Alinea is amazing.

            At Tango Sur get the grass-fed beef not the American. If you have a group, get the Paradilla. They bring a still smoking grill to the table with an assortment of meats, lots of fun to share.

      2. I like Tango Sur especially for the price. I agree that it can be too loud though.