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Oct 19, 2006 09:44 PM

Celedon at Former Yi Cuisine Space

Looks like there is a new restaurant at the former Yi Cuisine space on 3rd St. After the last month of a new paint job, a bizarre mural on the front of the building, new white and black glass doors, and a complete refurb inside, looks like they finally hung up the restaurant sign outside. The new restaurant is is called CELEDON... I can't find any information on this place however... What do you guys know? Who is the chef? Who owns it? What kind of food? Whats the menu like?

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  1. The name "Celedon" suggests it might be a Thai restaurant.

    1. There's a description on Open Table. I think the chef is from Lemon Moon? Looks like manager Jeffery Stivers has been at Cicada and Melisse.
      "Celadon is a Euro-Asian "galerie culinaire" of small, beautifully presented and mouthwatering plates in a comfortable, chic Asian environment that has both rustic and modern elements. Executive Chef Danny Elmaleh applies classic French techniques to the preparation of his gastronomic seductions for the sight, smell and taste of those who travel though the front doors."

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        Beat me to it! Here's a link to the opentable listing:

        And, although it's under construction:

        1. I work right down the block from Celedon on Third Street just west of Farmer's Market and while I never made it the former Yi space, I finally tried Celedon for dinner last week - and I must say, it was HIT or miss - while the hamachi sashimi appetizer with citrus relish was some of the BEST sashimi I have ever had (!), the other entrees were hit or miss - while the miso soup with mushrooms was rich and flavorful, the tonkatsu was a bit odd tasting, and while the noodles were good, the much-vaunted "Black Sesame" dessert of the WORST desserts I've ever had the "pleasure" to eat - I salute Celedon for trying something different, but the combo of foul-tasting black sesame brulee with chewy rice balls was near inedible - and I'm pretty adventurous - still, I would go back for the sushi.

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            I actually like the black sesame dessert overall, but felt it was too sweet. Though I must commend Celadon for actually being adventurous with its Pan-Asian (instead of pouring some miso / soy / teriyaki sauce like concoction and calling it a day).

            I really liked their grilled ahi pizza.


          2. I found the food there very good to excellent on all counts, but then we used early Chowhound review recommendations as our selection guide. The service needs work. Our waiter was, ah, supercilious, would be the best word. And once the bus boy felt we'd had enough time with our current small plates, he swooped in. If we weren't ready, he would hover nearby watchfully until we were done. Very uncomfortable. In spite of the superb food, I don't think we'll go back for awhile.