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I'm looking for restaurants that let you order food online to be delivered to your door. The only ones I know that do that are Pizza Hut and Swiss Chalet. However, Pizza Hut doesn't deliver to my area and ordering Swiss Chalet all the time is getting boring. Restaurantsonthego.com do not deliver to my area either. I live in Thornhill by the Promenade.

Anyone know of such a website?

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  1. Pizza Pizza lets you order online, but it's MUCH easier to call. Not really an exciting addition to the other two, I suppose.

    1. double double pizza lets u order online, im not sure if there's one in your area

      1. Pizzaville's Pizza beats Pizza Pizza hands down - www.pizzaville.ca

          1. Thanks for the responses guys. Is there any site, though, that's not for pizza? I'm looking for something different if possible.

            1. As a baby gift we were given a gift certificate for a site called www.orderit.ca which has menus for different restaurants geared to your postal code. You could see if they cover your area. There is lots of variety but I have to say some of them are quite blecchy. If Vagabondo pops up in your selection I would recommend not ordering their food.

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                orderit.ca is the new(er) site for restaurants on the go!. they are one and the same. in fact going to ROTGs site now redirects you right to orderit.ca. I would argue your "blecchy" comment as they are really serving the best delivered food in the city. bregmans, indochine, grazie il fornello(s), spacco, brown's bistro, the host, movenpik, sasaya, green papaya, ect. all offer great menus and orderit.ca is the only way to get it home delivered. i'll take a sirloin, yukon gold frites, and mixed green salad from pronto over greasy fast food pizza delivery any day.

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                  That's great if you live in the right postal code - we in the east end can get some highfalutin' Druxy's delivered or if we're really lucky Gabby's pub or Magic Oven (which in my experience is cold soggy pizza delivery).
                  The choices in the east end are less than stellar.

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                    Bregman's and Movenpick are defunct.

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                      I've read that orderit.ca will be expanding north very soon. You might want to find out if you'll be in the new delivery area.

                  2. I shudder to mention them, but I think that both Ho Lee Chow and Mandarin also let you order online.

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                      I guess if you live north of Steeles you are supposed to drive everywhere or something. Even Ho Lee Chow don't deliver here, though they do have a location in Richmond Hill. But I did discover recently that both Pizzaville and Panzerotto Pizza have websites that work with online ordering. Though again, how much pizza is one supposed to stomach?

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                        I just confirmed with Orderit.ca. They will be delivering north of Steeles, east of Bathurst starting next week. It will be for restaurants in Markham and Richmond Hill. I didn't get many details, but Il Fornello and The Host are on the list!

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                          Just ordered from The Host in Richmond Hill with Orderit.ca. The Chicken Vindaloo is to-die-for!!! And the delivery was free!!!!

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                            Still doesn't help me much because I'm just west of Bathurst, but hopefully they'll continue to expand into my area soon.

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                              If you're interested, you might want to give them a call. I'm actually out of their delivery area (just east of Markham Rd & Hwy 7). I called and asked if they would deliver to me, and they did.

                    2. Whatever you do, DO NOT order from Souvlaki Express. I was jonesing for some greek food the other night and didn't want to spend over $50 for one by using orderit.com. I placed on online order with Souvlaki Express. The website and their paper brochure said that there is a $2 delivery charge...$3 if outside the delivery area. I was maybe three intersections outside the delivery area. Once I sent the order online, a message popped up saying one of the representatives would call me to confirm the order. After waiting 20 mins I called them. It seems he hadn't pressed the right button and the order didn't come up on his screen. I can forgive that. Then he noticed my address and said that they don't deliver in my area. I told him that both the website and the brochure state that they deliver outside the area. "Oh, we have NEVER delivered to your area". And it's not like I live in a bad area!! I live in East York for God's sake!!

                      Anyways, gave him a piece of my mind and hung up on him. Ended up paying over $50 for greek food for one from Orderit.com.

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                        FYI, since you're in East York you should just order from Omonia, Mr. Greeks or Friendly Greeks on the Danforth because they all deliver. I'm pretty sure Omonia delivers the latest out of the 3. ; ) You can find their numbers on 411.ca or e-mail me and I'll send them.

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                          I had wanted to order from Omonia but they were (are) still closed for renovations. And I have read some not so great reviews of the other two. The meal was good and came very quickly...just really expensive!! Thanks for the tip PeachyTO.

                          FYI everyone...Orderit.com will automatically add a 10% tip to the bill if you don't cancel the "tip" yourself. It's tricky...it is added right at the very end and it is hard to notice...until after you have confirmed and sent your order.