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Oct 19, 2006 09:39 PM

Ordering Online

I'm looking for restaurants that let you order food online to be delivered to your door. The only ones I know that do that are Pizza Hut and Swiss Chalet. However, Pizza Hut doesn't deliver to my area and ordering Swiss Chalet all the time is getting boring. do not deliver to my area either. I live in Thornhill by the Promenade.

Anyone know of such a website?

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  1. Pizza Pizza lets you order online, but it's MUCH easier to call. Not really an exciting addition to the other two, I suppose.

    1. double double pizza lets u order online, im not sure if there's one in your area

      1. Pizzaville's Pizza beats Pizza Pizza hands down -

          1. Thanks for the responses guys. Is there any site, though, that's not for pizza? I'm looking for something different if possible.