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Oct 19, 2006 09:31 PM

Road Trip to Monterey/Salinas from LA

Im going up for the race on Saturday Oct 21 and I like to eat. Help me out guys...

Any suggestions on places to go to on the way up from LA? We might just do IN N OUT, but maybe there is something more interesting or delicious? Let me know...

Also, which restaurants are recommended in Monterey? Im in search of hamburgers, Mexican food, Italian food, health food, macaroni and cheese, beer, fun cocktails... suggestions?

Thank you...

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  1. I would suggest that you check out Tarpy's Roadhouse, close to the airport and Laguna Seca.
    Could get very crowded on the weekend.
    Food has always been good in our experience.

    1. here's a start: some older posts but still mostly current.

      and there's a breakfast place mentioned but I can't find the post, it's in Marina? Sand City? owned by a chef from a Carmel restaurant who decided to open his own place. Sounded great--OP, are you out there? was it ed?

      ed, susan, carb lover nathan and polar bear have the real scoop on Mexican dining in the area. You might consider a trip north on 1 --15 min-- to Watsonville for some serious Mexican chow. just search 'Mexican food Watsonville'.

      have fun--weather is supposed to be warm(ish)

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        The breakfast/lunch place in Tico's in Marina. Here's the link to my original post (under a previous handle):

        Good eating,


      2. Check out Deetjens for breakfast in Big sur