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tacos baja ensenada methodology

stand in line (especially on 99 cent taco wednesday)
order two fish tacos "con todo"
get a seat and get some condiments. watch out for those yellow peppers, dont want to damage your taste buds!
retrieve tacos from the window when your number is called.
squeeze lime on taco then pick up and bite
after your eyeballs are done rolling to the back of your head, continue.
you may feel the need to roll into fetal position and just hold yourself for a moment. but this is not the 90s and youre not at a rave. so hold it together!
last step: wipe away tears of joy...
option: order a third and fourth

special notes: look for the tantalizing neon green colored fast food restaurant. thats where youre headed.

special personal technique: i usually ask for just one corn tortilla per taco so i can eat the maximum number of tacos. means to an end baby!

also, just a block over on atlantic there is a crazy abandoned theater/church building. i love that place...


Tacos Baja Ensenada
5385 Whittier Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90022
(323) 887-1980
(a few minutes east of downtown)

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  1. Alternate version: Order three with everything, and hope to make it to four...

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    1. re: Joe Blowe

      for maximum freshness and hot out of the oil goodness, you'll have to eat quickly. this does somehow seem to come naturally when eating fish tacos...

      1. re: modernist

        Never met a TBE fish taco that I didn't inhale!

    2. praytell where would this fine establishment be located?

      1. ihatechu!! I haven't been at 99 cent Wednesday in AGES... I go to school dangerously close to it... ON WEDNESDAY... going to have to stop soon...


        It's located off of Whittier Blvd near Atlantic. At the end of the Downtown ELA drag... They also have Fish Burritos that will knock your socks off....



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        1. Haha.....nice!!

          I usually go for 2 fish tacos and 2 shrimp tacos. The shrimp tacos are fabulous as well!

          1. I suppose I could just call them, but does anybody know their hours? I drove by recently for dinner and they were closed, thereby breaking my heart. Thankfully, there are enough taco trucks on Whittier Blvd to create a traffic jam, so I had decent fallback options. But I really had my mind set on fish tacos...

            1. I use the "one corn tortilla per taco" strategy as well. If this were the 80's, we could give this a sniglet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sniglet).

              1. The NEW Combo taco is really good! 2.50 ea but stuffed with F&S which work well together. Two of those is all you need.

                1. Just about a block away is La China Poblana where they have the best Cemitas. I managed to eat a Cemita, 2 Fish Tacos at TBE and then go about 4 blocks away to King Taco and eat 1 Al Pastor Taco (meat stacked in front of the flame with a pineapple on top). Across from TBE is a Tamale place that sells Tamales Frio (you heat them yourself at home) for $9.00 a dozen and they are GOOD! What is the word for glutton in Spanish?

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                  1. re: Just Larry


                    Bear with me, I have a fascination with cemita poblanas:
                    where else have you had them? do they contain 'palpalo' a watercress like herb? are the chipotles from the can or homemade? do they only offer milanesa? Do you know if they bake the cemita roll or where they procure it? how was the freshness?
                    how would you rate their guacamole and beans?

                    does the tamale place offer only roja/verde?

                      1. re: Joe Blowe

                        just some updated info. the china poblana truck is no longer in that parking lot. it became a full restaurant with tables, and in my opinion, the sandwiches got better!


                        this is an old post. i have a newer one that sized up a few different places that served cemitas but i cant find it. i did try the truck on venice near smart and final and its good, but not my favorite.

                        la china poblana has many different types of meat but the milanesa is my favorite and what most people tend to eat. one time i had a pork skin sandwhich. i thought it was going to be like chicharron but it was a stewed pork skin. i like me some skin of swine but this was a little too much for me. the sandwiches are big and cheap (i think theyre 4 bux) they use sliced avocados, not guac. the roll has always been fresh with a crispness (not stalesness) to the bread. its my favorite bread of all the cemitas places (although the smart and final truck has pretty nice bread too). i dont recall a watercress like herb. and i cant tell you whether the chipotles are homemade, but they have a nice heat and flavor (but im no expert in this arena). la china poblana uses a panela cheese, but all the other places ive been to tend to serve the oaxacan quesillo string cheese which i actually prefer.

                        1. re: modernist

                          Yep, thanks. BTW, that was me, Joe B., that posted in that thread in May 2006...

                      2. re: kare_raisu

                        In regards to your comment, my cousin Juan used to work for La China Poblana. He has told me that the bread is daily baked at different times of the day. So it is pretty fresh. I do not know where they procude it. As far as the different types of meats, the milaneza is the one that sells the most. By far the chipotle is the secret ingredient. It is not from a can- the owner actually makes it her self, and does not let anyone know the recipe. Try different chipotle's at cemita places and you'll see the difference. The best part (of when cousin was employed by La China Poblana) was getting free cemitas. !!!!!!

                      3. re: Just Larry

                        "Just about a block away is La China Poblana..."

                        Wow, you must've been dazed by the cemita to think that TBE was only a block away!