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Oct 19, 2006 09:28 PM

Trader Joes Private Label Wines by Country?

I searched and didn't find anything on these (although I might have missed something). The TJ Wine store in Union Square here in NYC has recently had Trader Joe wine (akin to two buck chuck) except specified by grape country of origin. In other words, they have a "Chilean" TJ wine with grapes all grown in Chile (I believe it's a blend of grapes, but I didn't check). Just wondering if other people have seen them and tried them. Are they any better quality then two buck chuck? Thanks

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  1. I haven't tried the TJ private label wines, but I can recommend a truly lovely Spanish wine at TJ's. Finca Solana. It's an organic red in the style of a Rioja or Crianza. Price ranges from $4 to $6 and i've had bottles that are incredible. Although I haven't had any corked bottles, the quality does seem to vary. But for the price, I finally just picked up a case and it's my go to wine for daily use.

    The Finca Solano is going to be a straight-forward red, round and fruity with medium tanins. The oak is not overpowering and blends nicely with the tanins, but the signature taste of the wine is a deep earthy-ness, a more rustic wine. It's great too for opening, having a glass a night, since it tastes better the second day. It's not just an issue of the wine opening up after an hour or two, it really tastes better the SECOND DAY having been recorked. Enjoy. A personal favorite.

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      Heina, we seem to have similar tastes. I love Finca Solana for a basic Rioja. I typically have some of it on hand, but since I'm very spain-centric in my drinking habits, I'm trying to branch out. Any other recs? I drink a lot of their Malbec's as well.

    2. I'm pretty sure the pinot grigio my friend brought over last week was TJ's new(ish?) line of wines. Fancier bottles than two buck chuck, and higher prices. The one she brought was something like Campenello Pinot Grigio.

      GREAT smell. Fragrant, dry, lovely nose.

      The taste, unfortunately, wasn't there. It wasn't bad, and there was no sour or overly oaky aftertaste. But there wasn't any transfer of the lovely nose into flavor either.

      for something like $6, I can't complain.