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Oct 19, 2006 08:29 PM

can someone tell me why my garlic turned blue when i made shrimp scampi?

so i made scampi for the first time last week, and although it was very good, for some reason some of the garlic turned blue. i'm thinking it was the pan (a chefmate saute pan from target), which is fairly new, but if anyone can shed some light, id appreciate it, thanks!

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  1. I have seen this question asked (and answered) for years on food boards, but have never experienced it myself.

    1. was it an aluminum pan?
      i think that may be the culprit.

      1. Was there lemon in the scampi recipe? I've had the same outcome when I've stuffed the cavity of a chicken for roasting with chunks of garlic and wedges of lemon and herbs.

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          yes olivergail, i squeezed it onto the shrimp whilst it was cooking in the pan...i bet that's the culprit!

        2. it's a reaction with acid. i've had that happen to me multiple times before, generally with over vinegary canned artichokes and garlic. but last week i had onions in a frittata i made turn blue; i'd never seen that before.

          here are some old posts with more info: