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Oct 19, 2006 08:12 PM

Highland Park - Mexican

Sorry it's a pretty general queary, but not too familiar with the hood -- what do you all suggest for a good sit-down dinner?

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  1. There are tons of places, a few sit-downs, a few take-out onlys.

    If you want sit down, I like La Fuente on Monte Vista- it's small but comfy and they have a mean shrimp burrito, among other things.

    La Fuente Restaurant
    Address: 5530 Monte Vista St, Los Angeles, CA 90042
    Phone: (323) 258-6109

    I just wrote about El Metate, on Figueroa between 54th and 55th- blink and you'll miss it. It's very small with only a couple of tables, but have fantastic enchiladas, rubenadas and burritos.

    I love Villas Durango for their conchinita pibil tacos and plates- good rice, beans.

    Villas Durango Restaurant
    Address: 5672 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042
    Phone: (323) 255-1491

    All of these places are cash only.

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      tokyoastrogirl, how is el arco iris after their renovation? i liked it before, but haven't been recently. something about a new bar setup?

      1. re: smssms

        I was never a fan of El Arco. I never got why it was so popular and the margaritas are like lemonade.

        1. re: smssms

          Much more crowded and noisy, service much less friendly. Looks better, food about the same. It's more of a sports bar atmosphere now than a family restaurant.

        2. re: tokyoastrogirl

          I second El Metate. It is mostly counter service, but well worth going. Maybe it's time for me to pay another visit now that I'm thinking about it....hmmm.

        3. Second La Fuente - Best overall in HP - Monte Vista & 56

          La Estrella for fish & shrimp Tacos - Fig. & 61

          Second Villas Durango - great breakfast deals - next to El Arco

          Mariscos Sinaloa - their ceviche is the best in town - the shrimp cocktail sucks though - York & 56

          El Huarache Azteca - york & 52

          Antojitos Guerrero - try the barbacoa - York & 56

          the outlaw taco cart on the southside of York a block or two west of Figueroa........killer al pastor!
          usually there after 6:30 most nights - definitely a must try - just follow the smell!

          avoid El Arco Iris and the place on York & Branch (Villa Sombrero I think) famous for it's margaritas & made tableside guacamole and rightfully so, but everything else is marginal.

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          1. re: slowrider

            In addition to the ceviche, I like the fish and shrimp tacos at Mariscos Sinaloa.

            And at Antojitos Guerrero, the handmade tortillas are awesome.

          2. I actually like El Arco, though the margaritas are poor. They do nice comfy cheesy enchiladas, but, whatever, I grew up on it! But I love love love Villas Durango. They do take credit cards now, and for goodness' sake, get the Poc Chuc. Yum. The Pollo Pibil is good, too. It's a little stuffy place, often with a loud juke box playing Mexican music, and the servers sometimes don't speak English, but it's a good opportunity to practice your Spanish without feeling like a moron. La Estrella is great for a taco stand, but not a place to sit down in.

            1. Oh, and on Figueroa, near the Ave 43 exit off 110, is El Buen Gusto, a dive that serves handmade pupusas revueltas for like $1.50 each. Salvadoran, not Mexican, but they do Mexican things, too.

              1. I second all the places mentioned (especially El Metate and Huarache Azteca).
                I would add the El Pique taco truck on York and about Ave 54 (next to a car wash) for great al pastor and asada.
                Also I would recommend a truck called Tacos Sinaloa on Ave 53 or 54 and Monte Vista.
                Lastly, I think the La Arca de Noe on Figueroa and Ave 54 (next to the theater) makes some of the best pupusas around.