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dry cottage cheese - what can I do with it?

On a whim, I bought a pound of it, tasted it (fine, just not very tasty), and now I don't know what to use it in... any ideas?

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  1. With egg noodles, butter, scallions, a little garlic, sour cream, or for making a savory pastry with phyllo dough, spinach and monterey jack cheese, or for a cheesecake.

    1. Make cheese blintzes. I don't have a recipe offhand, but google "cheese blintzes" and you'll probably get dozens. A blintz, if you're not familiar with it, is a crepe. It's a Jewish/Eastern European specialty, usually served with sour cream, plus anything from fresh berries to apple sauce to maple syrup.

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        I agree with the blintz reco. I made them the other day and they are very nice when the weather gets cold. Plus, I think that they freeze well.

        Here is the recipe that I used:


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          My friend makes a Midwestern version of blintzes--a blintz pie--that is absolutely delicious, and she's always having trouble finding dry cottage cheese so she has to drain regular. If you like, I'll dig up the recipe when I get home.

      2. Use it as filling for perogies, on its own with salt, pepper and egg, or with potato.

        1. Try ricing it with some cream cheese, stir in sour cream and make a cheese cake (with eggs, vanilla, etc...).

          1. Wow!! Can you PLEASE tell me where you bought DRY COTTAGE CHEESE??? I have been looking high and low and cannot seem to find it anywhere!!! My mother and my aunts used to buy it and make the most delicious cheese squares ever on this planet!!!!!! I suppose that you are in another state but maybe you can help some how!!

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              Me too! I haven't been able to find it and I usually do the draining technique. I just stir the curds in with yogurt and fruit for a high protein snack.

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                Do you have any Polish deli's in the area? They almost always have it.


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                I bought dry cottage cheese at the food co-op. You might want to try one near you.

              3. Blend it up to incorporate into dips- I actually tried a hummus-like dip that had blended cottage cheese in it the other day that was very tasty! Also, one of the best improvised spinach dips I ever made included blended cottage cheese as part of the base.

                1. Look at my bio and the recipe under my favoitie comfort foods-Noodles and Pot Cheese