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costco pizza

FYI ~ I work around the corner from Costco, the Signal Hill location. I was there on my lunch break picking up photos I had ordered and decided to grab a slice of pizza at their very busy fast food counter. I'm happy to report that their pepperoni pizza was very good! $1.99 for a big slice or $10 for a huge 18" pizza.

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  1. I concur. I've loved their pizza for years, and when we do shop there, we always get a slice of pizza, a hotdog and a drink, all for $3 and change. You can't beat that! AND it's good!

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      I've had it there, either as a sample or by the slice. I've never actually bought a whole one for there though.


    2. a trip to the costco food court always has me making "hard" choices... how can a girl choose between hotdog, pizza or chicken bake? but i always end up getting the chicken bake with packets of peppers. yum.

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        No no no! You bring a friend, share a slice of pizza and a hot dog, and look for chicken bake in the frozen section so you can take a bunch home!

      2. You can have them cut those mega-slices in half for you, too.

        1. hotdog and drink $1.50~!!!! ohhh yeah!!!!!

          1. it's all about the chicken bake for me -- and maybe the twisty churros if I'm extra-hungry.


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              Churros with their frozen yogurt.

              Best combo out there.

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                I tried the chicken bake a while back and found it to be terribly salty. Was that unusual or am I just overly sensitive?

              2. ohhh the churros....yessssss...i do enjoy the chicken bake....thats going expensive....haha

                1. How about the healthy chicken Caesar salad?

                  1. For those of you watching your weight, ONE slice of costco pizza is 19 POINTS on Weight Watchers. To give you some idea what that means, I am allowed 20 points for an entire day when i am following the program. Apparently, their pizza is LOADED with hidden fat and calories. Just wanted to let you know, cause I would rather eat somewhere else for that damage!

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                      Wow. How does that compare with a slice of pizza from Pizza Hut or Dominoes? And how does it compared to judiciously cheesed homemade pizza? I'm just wondering if WW points don't give much leeway for cheese, period, or if Costco's is extra fatty.

                      Also, the slice at Costco is huge.

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                        Here's some numbers for you to chew on.

                        All slices are cheese. Measurements in grams

                        18" Costco slice - 700 Cal, 28 Fat, 44 Pro, 70 Carb
                        14" Average Brand - 272 Cal, 10 Fat, 12 Pro, 34 Carb
                        12" Dominoes - 210 Cal, 8 Fat, 9 Pro, 30 Carb
                        14" Papa Johns - 310 Cal, 12 Fat, 13 Pro, 39 Carb
                        14" Lil Ceasers - 330 Cal, 11 Fat, 17 Pro, 42 Carb

                        This is with regular crusts.


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                          How many slices per pizza, though? One "slice" that you get from Costco's window is equal to two slices from the whole pizza they sell. And those slices are bigger than the slices from the other places.. still, that's a lot of calories! (Costco doesn't skimp on ingredients, that's for sure)

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                            All I put down was what calorie king says a slice is worth.


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                              On the bright side, the yogurt is actually not to bad for you, as those things go. It's something like 280 calories, but like the other foods, it's an enormous portion.

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                                For nutritional purposes, most serving sizes assume a pizza is cut into eight slices. Some pies that are served by the sliced are instead cut into six slices. Given the same diameter of pizza, those slices are 1/3 bigger than regular eighths.

                                A 12 inch pie slice is 44% bigger than a 10 inch pie slice. An 18 inch pie slice is 324% bigger than a 10 inch pie slice....

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                              A 14" pizza is 49 pi^2". An 18" pizza is 81 pi^2". If you cut a 14" pie and an 18" pie in the same number of pieces, an 18" slice is 65% bigger and is in fact going to have an even bigger jump in cheese, sauce and topping content because the amount of crust only increases linearly at 28% while the central portion of the pizza grows as a function of the radius squared.

                              Conversely, it should be no surprise that a slice of 12" pizza has roughly one third less caloric content than a slice from a 14" pie of the same angular value. A 12" pie is 36 pi^2" of pie whereas the 14" is 49 pi^2", a 27% reduction made more dramatic calorically by the substantially higher crust-to-topped-portion ratio of a 12" pie.

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                                Well whatever you said sounds good to me! Another thing I would like to point out is that Costco has a much higher ratio of pizza per dollar than the other places. What the other places call "large" is laughable.

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                                  You took the words right out of my mouth


                          2. I was just there last night doing some shopping. I was creeping into the dinner hour with a toddler tugging at me, so I ordered a whole pie. $10.

                            While it's not the best pizza around, it's better than Dominoes or Pizza Hut. They really load it with pepperoni too.

                            I really like their hot dogs. The best $1.50 meal deal in town.

                            1. This is late in coming, but the calorie counts for the Costco pizza listed above are way off.


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                                Sometimes, ya just gotta eat some pizza ......................

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                                  100 calories is hardly way off. A slightly uneven cut or heavy cheese hand could make that much difference.

                                2. It is no NY pizza but pretty hard to complain @ $1.99 a slice. I wish they'd lighten up on the cheeze a bit though.

                                  I haven't found anything at the food counter that I didn't really like (except french fries: I haven't tried that yet).

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                                    All that cheese is my favorite part. ;X

                                    We don't have fries at any of our Costcos. =/

                                  2. Signal Hill is my Costco too and the pizza is a great deal for the money. Also they will do a special order for you if you order a whole one. (ie sausage & mushroom) Enjoy a churro while you wait!

                                    1. Signal Hill is my Costco too, but I was at the one in Richmond, BC last week and I so wish that we had what they have in their food court. They have poudine, teriyaki as well as pizza and hot dogs. How can we get them to serve these here? BTW...had the poudine, which was the first and only time I have had it, yummy! Didn't try the teriyaki, but saw tons of people ordering that.