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Oct 19, 2006 07:58 PM

Sushi - Dynamite and Spider Rolls

Looking for a reasonably-priced sushi restaurant in downtown Toronto or Mississauga with really good Dynamite or Spider rolls. Just tried it last weekend and loved it!

I'm pregnant so I can't eat raw fish (missing it a lot!) and my husband doesn't like it. :)

Did some research on here and came up with Sushi On Bloor, would like something in their price range. No AYCE, just a nice sit-down restaurant. Do you chowhounds recommend that place or is there a better one?

TIA! sasgirl

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  1. Sushi on Bloor is a great choice for reasonably-priced sushi. I would also suggest, in a similar vein, Jun Jun Sushi, which is on College, between Spadina & Bathurst.

    372 College St.

    1. Sushi on Bloor is good. Try Miroko on Danforth. (next to Second Cup). All you can eat for 15 bucks. (Yes they have those rolls..) yummm

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        FWIW it's Mariko. Also, have you been since they moved? I found the service awful and all the staff I knew seem to have left. I think the former owners sold the business. I could be wrong though. I didn't really give them more than a couple of chances post-move and both were pretty close to the event so maybe I should go back. The have a second location on Bloor just east of Bathurst.

        Anyways, for the original poster's purposes it isn't a bad suggestion other than being in the east end.

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          You know, how you mention it, I know what you mean. The last time I walked in, the food wasn't as good and the wait was very hidious. Pre-Move, the restaurant was great. I chopped the last poor experience to "growing pain" for them. I hope they improve.

      2. It's a bit north of downtown, but I had the best spider and dynamite rolls ever at a new place on Eglinton between Bathurst and Allen Rd., called SADO SUSHI. The maki rolls are very reasonably priced, the fish is glisteningly fresh, and there are some dishes I've never seen on other sushi menus.

        1. Japango. Look no further.

          Right behind City Hall in TO. Fabulous dynamite and spider rolls. Check out this site for many more raves about this wonderful little gem in the city. Reasonable, always crowded and in addition to be the best sushi I've had in this city or in Vancouver, their specialty maki rolls are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat.

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          1. re: dinin and dishin

            Japango Japango Japango, yes! It truly is a gem; I wouldn't change a thing.

          2. Ninki Sushi on Adelaide West @ yonge is a nice sit down place, reasonbly priced and great choices - even for the none fish eaters