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Oct 19, 2006 07:45 PM

El Metate in Highland Park- yummy

Thanks to all of the hounds who posted about El Metate in Highland Park. I've been twice and have enjoyed both visits. The first time I got a Rubenada made with al pastor- I love the thick, corn tortillas that house the well-seasoned meat. The second time I tried the enchiladas- very simple and tasty, although I should have gotten them with something other than the dry chicken. I also noticed that the beans changed my second visit- they weren't the chipotle ones that I had gotten the first time. Anyone know about this? Overall, really great Mexican street food. Will go again.

Tuna Toast:

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  1. yeah, magic. went two daze in a row

    1. superb birria on the weekend. My friend from Mexico City said the best in the US he's had.