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Oct 19, 2006 07:39 PM

Good Bread In San Gabriel Valley?

Does anyone know of a good bread place in Pasadena/San Gabriel/Santa Anita/Monrovia etc... I'm looking for something similar to Bread Bar -- especially the Olive and Walnut Raisin! YUM! Thanks.

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  1. I do believe Europane bakes their own artisanal bread (though not sure if they carry the specific variety you're jonesing for), can anyone confirm?


    1. Yes, I'd say Europane is your best bet. They make great ciabatta, olive bread, rosemary raisin, cranberry walnut...

      1. Haven't been to Bread Bar yet, but Wheatberry has some nice/interesting breads -- as well as really great desserts!

        165 S Lake (between Green and Cordova)

        Also, Le Pain Quotidien might have something you'd like (in Old Town Pasadena)

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          fyi LPQ now closes at 9 pm instead of 10 pm daily

        2. Might try CORNER BAKERY. There is one on the corner of Del Mar and Lake in Pasadena.