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Oct 19, 2006 06:58 PM

Green plantains in Berkeley area

I've suddenly got a craving for tostones. Anybody seen rock-hard green plantains around Berkeley lately? Ripe plantains are *no* use for this dish.

In answer to the obvious question:

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  1. Does Monterey Market not have any? I thought I recently saw some over there, but wasn't specifically looking for them. Or maybe I was suffering hallucionations.

    1. Mi Tierra frequently has them; if they are out or only have ripe ones, try Mi Ranchito.

      1. I just saw green plantains at the Monterey Market. Does green mean unripe? I've never cooked with them.

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          If they're green and hard they're definitely unripe (starchy, not at all sweet). If they're green and soft, they're not exactly ripe but they're not unripe enough to make tostones.

        2. It's actually pretty hard to find green plantains around here. Most restaurants/stores seem to sell them ripe. I've actually seen some pretty good and green ones at 99-ranch. I'm not sure if there's one in the east bay. They were better than the green plaintains I got at a "latin store" in the Mission.