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Oct 19, 2006 06:49 PM

ISO sandwich with GREAT bread in Century City!!

I work right across from the Century City mall on Santa Monica Blvd. and I am dying for a sandwich with GREAT bread in the area. I'm a huge fan of baguettes, french rolls, and also the bread they usually use for sandwiches at Italian deli.

I've already been to Clementines and really don't find it all that great. Please come with some suggestions!!!

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  1. Is Breadbar in the CC mall open yet? That'd be one idea.

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    1. re: mollyomormon

      Yes, bread bar is open. I've been there as well and while I do find the sandwiches very good, I really want to find a deli type place to grab a sandwich. I've seen some places on Pico, but not sure where to go.

    2. What about a Mediterranean Deli?

      The Aroma Cafe is 2 to 3 blocks south of Overland & Pico on Overland. I haven't tried any of their sandwiches yet, so this is just a FYI bulletin.

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      1. re: JBC

        Since you looking for great bread, you can read Sarah's blog on Aroma Cafe's (Bosnian). To save time, and all the history lessons, you can:

        1) Look at the first picture - their Bread.
        2) Scroll down and read the first new paragraph after the picture with this caption, "there's a mini mart in my Bosnian Cafe".
        3) Scroll down and read the last paragraph.

        Now that I've read all that, I'm craving to try their "Sandwich of the Future"!

      2. What didn't you like about Clementine? Price considerations aside, these tend to be acclaimed as the best sandwiches on the westside.

        John O'Groats has excellent great sandwiches too, mostly served on LaBrea (or LaBrea-style, anyway) bread: tuna and crab melts, BLT, fried chicken sandwich, a nice chicken & hummus "Mediterranean sandwich," etc. Also rather pricey, and almost as slow as Clementine: The only way you could "grab" a sandwich here would be to call ahead.

        But maybe you're looking for a different style of sandwich--perhaps bigger portions than the restrained ones at Clementine? For example, have you tried the Persian sandwiches at Attari Patough (address 1388 Westwood Blvd., actually around the corner on Wilkins)? Crispy french bread stuffed with interesting fillings like the herbal omelette called kuku (my favorite), tongue, chicken salad, hot-dog-like "sossess," etc. Canary House, on Westwood south of Santa Monica and thus a bit more accessible to Century City as the road project nears completion, has the same style but not quite as good IMO.

        Very good Italian sandwiches in Beverly Hills at Il Tramezzino on Canon Dr., among others.

        JBC's suggestion of Aroma is a good one, just be aware this is a (very good) hole-in-the-wall Bosnian restaurant, not really the "Mediterranean deli" they claim to be on the menu. The best sandwiches are the onionburger-like Pljeskavica and the wonderful prosciutto-and-kajmak.

        From your original post it doesn't sound like you're looking for classic Jewish-deli style sandwiches but if you are, Nate-N-Al's (in BH) and Juniors (on Westwood) aren't too far from Century City.

        1. Have you tried Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica yet? A little far but worth the drive.