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Oct 19, 2006 06:12 PM

Peychaud Bitters

Anyone know of a liquor store that stocks these? I'm one ingredient away from being able to make true Sazeracs at home.

East side of town preferred, but it's not something I'm gonna buy every week, so anywhere is fine. And yes, I know I can mail order them.

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  1. I know they usually have them at BevMo on LaBrea and Santa Monica, but I know I've seen them around the east side somewhere. I've got a few bottles right now - I stocked up after Katrina because their factory was under water after the flooding....They are still in production however.

    1. I also see them around, in liquor stores and supermarkets alike. I'd check around your neighborhood if you haven't already, then call a few Bevmos or bigger liquor stores.

      The last place I definitely remember seeing them is Mission Liquors in Pasadena, because I remember debating between Peychaud and Angostura.

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        Finally went to a BevMo, the one at Santa Monica and La Brea. For the record, they don't stock Peychaud, but would special-order it for me if I wanted. I did walk out with a nice bottle of herbsaint and one of Rittenhouse Rye, which apparently won some recent award for whiskey. They had a better selection of ryes there than any place I've been in, including the Potrero for about $60.

      2. I bought my bottle at Wine Expo.
        2933 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

        1. They sell Peychaud bitters at Surfas.

          I am a native New Orleanian and love, love, love Sazerac cocktails! Are you planning on using Rye or Bourbon?

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          1. re: bodie

            Rye, of course. I got Jim Bean rye at Cap'n Cork (Los Feliz), and I think I have a couple inches left in my bottle of Overholt. I've heard the Wild Turkey Rye is good too, but I haven't seen any at the places I've been to.

            For coating the glass, I'll use Pernod, but I think I like it a little better with Chartreuse, actually.

          2. Glad to hear you're going with Rye.

            Last time I was in New Orleans, I attended a Slow Food event at the Savvy Gourmet and was thrilled to find that among all the fabulous food items - was a guy making Sazeracs. He was methodical as I've ever seen (read: slow) and made them with his own Absinte-blend - they were remarkable.

            There must be something besides Pernod and Herbsaint that is more suited to Sazerac making, one day I hope to find it.