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Oct 19, 2006 05:35 PM

Mail order knishes???

When I was a kid, I had the best cheese, cherry, and potato knishes from some little mom and pop place on the boardwalk at Brighton Beach, in NYC. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the place. But I crave them.

I tried to satisfy the craving last year by ordering from Yonah Schmimmel (I've probably killed the name), and they were horrible. I got cheese, and cheese and cherry. The first had the cheese baked into the dough, and shaped into a pretzel. Very weird. And both suffered from a sickly sweetness that I couldn't get over. After paying about $70 (omg) for a dozen of these beasts, I threw most of them away.

I want a nice doughy outside, with a sweet but not sacharrin white cheese filling (or oniony potato filling). Where to turn?

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  1. Russ and Daughters in NYC and possibly Zabar's. Check websites.

      1. "If wishes were knishes, Yonah Schimmel would be a millionaire."


        That's a famous phrase in NYC. As you know, they will mail their famous knishes... I'd say try again, or give them a call and vent.

        1. I can't try them again. It's too expensive a mistake to make twice. It's not as though I am claiming they went bad en route, or that someone accidently spilled a vat of sugar into the filling. I think they tasted just as they were supposed to, and I didn't like em. The first two suggestions - I will check out.

          Btw, does anyone know the place on the boardwalk at Brighton Beach I am remembering?

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            I was recently in New York and went to Yona Shimmel. I ordered the Kasha Knish. The filling was tasteless and the shell was limp. I asked if they had gravy and was told only mustard and ketchup. I ate 2 bites, my wife ate 1 bite and we left. The owner asked if we wanted to take it with us and I said no. A real waste of time.

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              Brighton Beach was a bit removed from my East Flatbush neighborhood, but I do remember buying a knish off the cart from the "knish man" on my way back to school after lunch. I'd sprinkle it liberally with salt from the shaker and I'd make it last until the schoolyard bell rang, because back in those days we dared not bring food into school with us.

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                Absoslutely! It was Hirsch's and it was near Brighton 4th St. I grew up walking distance from there and my dad still lives in the area. They had the best kasha knishes I ever had. Much better than Mrs. Stahl's on the Avenue (Brighton Beach Avenue to outsiders).

                Hirsch's sat empty for years. Now all the Boardwalk restaurants are Russian. Change - embrace it or die.

                Tough to get a decent knish anymore and I cannot recommend Yonah Schimmel. Most delis now microwave their potato knishes. If I wanted a handful of lukewarm mushy mashed potatoes, that's what I'd order. If you don't griddle it, I don't want it.

                1. re: rockycat

                  Hitch is correct, but I remember it being near 6th st. And Boardwalk. Any knish they made was better than anywhere else in nuclear. I would love to find a relative with the cherry cheese recipe. I Rembrandt that as soon as pan came out it was cut up and sold in no time.

              2. Were you thinking of Mrs. Stahl's Knishes? They've been in Brighton Beach for a long time (since 1935.) There are recipes on the web that claim to be clones of Mrs. Stahl's knish recipe, but I have no idea how accurate they are.

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                  mrs stahls is dead and gone. it is i think a dunkin donuts today.