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Oct 19, 2006 05:34 PM

Jacques Torres with kids

I'm taking two seven year olds to the city this weekend and I was thinking of taking them out for chocolate (a good behavioral bribe for the earlier part of the day, and then flee home before the sugar kicks in).

How is the Jacques Torres in Manhattan for children?



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  1. the manhattan store is large, and has a few places to sit. i've never been on the weekends, so i'm not sure how crowded it gets. if they are making chocolates in the 'factory' it would be fun for the kids to watch. but if you are looking for more of a restaurant atmosphere, something like Serendipity 3 may be more fun for them. but that certainly would be a longer trip.

    1. I think it's a great choice. Plenty to look at, and some casual seating around the place.

      1. Highly recommended even though the factory doesn't make chocolate on the weekend. The store will be festively decorated for Halloween and there's a snack bar that sells hot chocolate and other goodies.

        1. JT is great for kids, assuming they love chocolate. I live nearby and have taken my 7-year-old there many times. They have great cookies, hot chocolate and more.

          1. My kids loved it. But we did have to leave quickly before they broke me!