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Oct 19, 2006 05:29 PM

Seeking Recommendations for Pre-Theatre Dinner (Tapas style) and After Bar

My boyfriend and I are coming into NY for a show this weekend from DC. We prefer the "tapas" style of eating -- ie. from cheese board/wine bar type places to full on tapas restaurants or those with extensive small plate selections. We'd like to try something that we don't have at home.

I'm looking for a place that would be a good pre-theatre venue with a good atmosphere.

We are staying close to Grand Central and the show is at 8pm on Saturday at the Shubert Theatre (W. 44th and Broadway).

Anyone have any recommendations? Also looking for a good bar for after the show. Something like Pradva in SoHo but, closer to Mid-town.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Midtown tapas = Tintol.

    1. after theater drinks: Kemia, Flute on W. 54th.; Library Bar at Hudson Hotel

      1. Tia Pol is down near 22nd st, but it is on the west side (albeit all the way over on 10th ave). Probably worth it only if the weather is nice, but it is generally very recommended.

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          but get there very early (4:30?) to get a seat and out by theater time.
          tintol will be easier, much closer.

        2. What about Morrell's Wine Bar in Rockefeller Center? The menu looks like it has several tasty appetizers.