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Oct 19, 2006 05:11 PM

Gargoyle's last night

Met three friends for dinner in the bar at Gargoyle's last night. Had made a reservation requesting a table in the bar so we were seated right away at a table along the window.

Started with the "Pick Plate" from the bar menu:
Blue cheese
Sharp cheddar
Grilled country bread
Sweet/spicy pecans
Black truffle honey – out of this world!!

It was more than enough for 4 of us to start with and that honey - wow.

Two of us had the burger with fries. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was not blown away. I couldn’t taste the bacon at all. The meat, although medium rare as requested, was rather dry and not well-seasoned. The square of melted swiss on top didn't add anything either. The bun wasn’t anything to write home about – a little too hard so I didn’t eat the top.
The fries were delicious and came with both homemade ketchup and a tomato vinaigrette (??) which I loved. I'm sad because I so wanted to love this burger. Not a tragedy though as there are several things on the menu that I want to try on future visits.

One DC also had the burger and she seemed to like it. Another had the pecan crusted fried chicken off the main dining menu. Came with a foie gras bread pudding that she didn't love, but I DID! Not an overwhelming amount of foie gras to be sure - but it gave the pudding a deliciously rich flavor. Great texture too.

Another DC had the crispy pizza off the bar menu which she enjoyed thoroughly.

Three of us had glasses of prosecco (probably should have just gone with a bottle) and I had a great pinot noir.

Altogether, $117++

The bar is a great space, so welcoming and cozy and the service was great. Will definitely go back.

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  1. Thanks for the info about the Pick Plate. Sounds like an excellent nosh. Last time I had a burger in the bar, it was a chili burger - I didn't love it because the flavor wasn't anything extraordinary and the burger was too messy to pick up, so I'm glad to see that they've reverted to something a bit more traditional.

    1. Many dining experiences at Gargoyles, all positive. Is it fine dining? No! Is it the best place in Cambridge, Somerville or Boston? No! However, it is a great place for well prepared, tasty, ample chow, in a pleasant environment, whether in the bar or the dining room. Both are delightfully casual, without over doing it. Great place for a date, great place to chat, great place to be pampered, and a great place for praiseworthy dishes.