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Oct 19, 2006 05:04 PM

Help! Need a dinner spot in Tribeca (or near the 1) Tonight...

I know its last minute and I am sorry for the desperation but I need a place for dinner tonight. Preferably in Tribeca near Church and Franklin for what may or not be a date (with a show at The Tank afterwards). It should be casual, cool(ish) and not too expensive. The other option would be to do something near the 1 train in the 20's so we could just hop on the train after dinner and head down.

So much thanks in advance...

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  1. How about Blaue Gans? Lively austrian bistro food. Love the place. They dont take reservations, just walk-ins. I didnt wait at all for table on a weekend night when I went, but that was soon after it opened. Not sure if thats changed.

    Bread Tribeca is hit or miss. The food is usually good but the service can be down right horrible..but usually thats for larger groups. The service has been ok when its been 4 of us or less.

    1. I love Odeon - and it takes reservations on opentable.

      1. kori, on church btw franklin and leonard, is a good option. it's slightly upscale korean, and while it's definitely americanzied (and doesn't beat k-town, obviously) it's also very tasty. and it's less expensive and more laid back than odeon or blaue gans.

        1. I'm a huge fan of Blaue Gans. I've been in the past few months and haven't had to wait even on weekend nights.
          I'm not sure what the wait's like at Upstairs these days, but it's also a great option.

          1. I recently went to Fresh and found it wonderful. Reade St. and West Broadway. The food was great and creatively done. For some reason we got so many complimentary added touches--a round of champagne, a smoked salmon appetizer, and a sorbet dessert. And we didn't order anything out of the ordinary, nor were we the only diners there. It definitely made the night more special.

            Across the street from Fresh, I am also a fan of Nam, it's a Vietnamese place and it is very hip and very affordable.