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Oct 19, 2006 04:36 PM

Need a place for 10 around midtown

Hey Hounds-
I have a group of out-of-towners coming on Nov 11th and need to find a place. There are 8 adults and 2 (not very well behaved) children and they would prefer to stay somewhere around midtown. Need a place that will let us order off the menu and be under $35/person and have food that's not-too-adventurous. We have a mix of those who are hounds and others who think Carmine's was the best meal they've ever had (I actually tried Carmine's, but they're booked). Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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  1. As long as your out-of-towners are not from the barbecue regions of the US, how about Virgil's?


    Ruby Foo's might be another alternative.