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Vegan Food in the D.C. Area

I'm looking for a restaurant that has a good selection of vegan food in either Alexandria, VA or Washington D.C. Actually it would be great if it was a combo vegan/non-vegan food. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Vegdc.com is the best resource for restaurant listings in the area.

    Personally, I'd recommend Vegetate (www.vegetatedc.com) and Nirvana (http://www.dcnirvana.com/) for all-veg food in DC and Viridian (http://www.viridianrestaurant.com/) for a mix of veggie and omnivore, although it's not as vegan-friendly as it used to be, it's very accomodating.

    Alexandria is probably a wasteland for vegans...beyond standard Asian places.

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      a warning about Vegetate - as of a few weeks ago they still don't have their liquor license. a church in their neighborhood continues to block access to one. grrrr

    2. There's Aladdins in Shirlington (Sorry, I keep bringing it up Aladdins but it's where I go w/ my friend who's vegan and I'm not a big meat eater so I can always find something there). If you're looking for a dessert place, I've heard great things about Sticky Fingers:


      1. I LOVE the vegan & vegetarian dishes at Java Green in DC (and I'm neither).


        1. I just looked at the Java Green website menu. It's somewhat misleading: there is no meat in the "drumstick", "sausage", or "chicken".

          1. Probably the most reknowned vegan restauarant in the area is the Vegetable Garden on Rockville Pike in Rockville, MD. It's easy walking distance (100 yards) from the White Flint Metro.

              1. for bar style food Asylum has a great vegan selection on their menu. They are on 18th st in Adams Morgan

                1. Berwyn Cafe in College Park is great! It's a small dive of a place but they are vegan and I've had much on the menu but really like the tofu gyro.

                  1. DC is an awful place for veggie food.
                    Sunflower in Alexandria is ok. As someone mentioned Java Green, Vegetate, and Amma Vegetarian is an Indian joint. Zaytania is an occassion place I visit. It has Middle Eastern tapas and the wait staff is very knowledgable.

                    1. I like Lebanese Taverna in Adams Morgan. I find that Middle Eastern is often a good bet for vegan food, and especially if you're going to have non-veggies with you, since they'll be able to find meat if they like. Their bread is *amazing*, and I like their hummus. More citrusy that some hummus, but delicious. And, unlike some Middle Eastern restaurants, they serve booze. ^_^

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                        My favorite veggie/vegan restaurant is in Clarksville -- Great Sage. Its a bit of a hike but worth the trip. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is nice (which is something sometimes lacking in some of these restaurants). Check it out at www.great-sage.com . As a vegetarian, sometimes its tough to find nice dining (I won't say fine, because I haven't seen fine dining at a vegetarian restaurant -- I still need to visit Millenium in SF). I haven't been to Sunflower, but have to the Vegetable Garden, Vegetate and the Berwyn Cafe and it is much much better than those.