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Oct 19, 2006 04:22 PM

Good food carts in CC - City Hall/Ave Arts Area

Any good food carts around here? I found the fruit cart near 15th/locust but I'm trying to find some other good ones. Thanks!

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  1. falafel at 16th and JFK is pretty good.
    the chinese truck at 18th and market is good
    the sandwich guy at 20th and market is sublime

    the cart at 16th and chestnut was voted top ten in a Daily News reader poll a couple of years ago, but I've never eaten there myself.

    1. actually i have been meaning to ask about food carts myself. i drive from northern liberties over to kelly drive every morning on my way to work... either on spring garden or girard. am looking for an excellent coffee/bagel/donut quick stop, and can't seem to find many stores. anyone know of any food trucks in this area who operate in the AM hours? i see a food truck on broad & girard about once every two weeks, but that's it, and i haven't managed to stop by that one yet.

      1. There is a great lunch truck on the South West corner of 18th and Market. They have great pita bread and will make any sandwich on pita. I think it's called Anna's Lunch Truck.

        1. For my money, the best fruit cart is the one at 16th & JFK (next to the falafal guy). Fruit always good, more than generous servings, and the sweetest, most charming couple inside the cart. They make my day. They're there until the day before Thanksgiving, then come back in the spring. Fruit may not be at its best now, but tuck the info away for next year and give them a try.

          1. Actually, Anna's is on the southwest corner of 18th and Chestnut. She uses Sarcone rolls for the hoagies. Very fresh and very clean. The falafel's at 20th and Market are good, but why not walk one block south and get the BEST falafel from Mama's. I also love the fruit lady ad the corner of 17th and JFK.