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Oct 19, 2006 04:16 PM

Dinner B/4 Movie in Union Square

I always get stuck in this hood and don't know where to go. Movie is at 9:55, something nicer than Old Town, but more casual than Casa Mono.

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  1. Great Jones Cafe is my standard dinner spot when I go to the movies. Casual but awesome cajun/southern cooking. Great margaritas (although go to dinner after the movie or else).

    1. taralluci e vino? 18th btwn 5th / broadway. they also have outdoor seating.

      1. Saigon Grill - University btwn 12th and 13th

        1. dosirak, on 13th btw broadway and university, is a lovely little korean cafe.

          1. If you want to consider Japanese, I recently had a very good experience at Japonica on University and 12th. It is a little on the expensive side.