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Oct 19, 2006 04:02 PM

Inase on UES!!

Best sushi I have had in a while. I'm reluctant to post cause it was so good and I don't want it swarmed. But I also want it to do well so I can continue to get my sushi. The place is nothing to look at, cute and homey. But the food is amazing. There is one sushi chef and a chef in the kitchen. The hamachi, yellow tail, uni and toro were sublime melt in mouth. The special salmon roe roll had fresh salmon outside and crispy salmon skin inside with large salmon roe as a garnish. Yum!!And the prices, just ridiculously cheap for the quality that in my mind is just one or two small notches below Yasuda. They're getting liquor license next week, so go if you must.

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    1. 1st ave. between 82 and 83

      1. I love Inase... I share your feelings.
        I don't want to share, but want people to know so that it will do good business...

        I thought they already had liqour license?? They serve alchohol now.

        1. strange...they said they're getting their license in a week...i went across the street for sake.