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Oct 19, 2006 04:00 PM


Hubby and I went to Cantler's for crabs last week. We travel to DC every fall to partake of all the sights and of the fat, fall crabs. After living in the area for seven years and travelling back a least once a year, I've not had crabs quite as great as they are this year. Of course they're always yummmmy in the fall when they are fat and ready for winter but this year they are exceptionally sweet. If you are a blue crab lover, make sure you indulge before they are done for the season. We always go to Cantler's. Aftter much trial and error, they are the only crab house that I can trust when they say that what they are serving are local and local only.

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  1. Oh! Luckygirl! You are soooo right!
    I had local crabs today and I can't remember when they have been so good!
    These were caught and cooked by the Volunteer Fire Department on Tilghman Island. Fresh out of the Bay. A lot of the volunteer fireman are waterman and this is one of their big fundraisers.
    Most of the locals wait until Fall to eat crabs because they prefer the fat, full sweet crabs of late September and October but everyone agreed that these were the best in years!!!!
    Crab lovers should make a point of heading to Cantler's or another local place for a real treat. Call first to make sure they're serving local - not shipped up from the Gulf or Carolinas.

    The oysters were excellent as well. Plump and juicy. A good salty flavor. The waterman were shucking them straight out of the baskets, not chilled - same temperature as the Bay's waters - and we were eating them just plain, not even lemon.
    Predictions are for a good harvest this year. Happiness!!!