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Oct 19, 2006 03:57 PM

Is freezing rice and pasta ok?

Anyone aware of something wrong or dangerous with cooking a whole lotta rice or pasta and then freezing it in individual portions for later use? Thanks!

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  1. It's not dangerous but the texture will not be very good. And bland food such as plain rice and pasta pick up a very noticeable "old refrigerator taste".

    1. We freeze large quantities of white rice all the time and it tastes fine, with no strange taste. Wrap up rice in plastic wrap in large handful sized portions. Let it cool to room temperature before you put it in the freezer. Defrost portions as is in microwave.

      1. Rice freezes beautifully. I discovered this accidentally when I ended up with way too much and now I do it all the time since I'm never sure how many people will show up at my table.
        Brown rice is particularly successful.
        Cool it completely to room temperature. Put all of it into a zip-lock bag and freeze, not overpacking the bag. When you're ready to use, smack the bag on the counter and it will loosen into grains and chunks. Microwave a minute or two and it re-steams with the moisture in the rice.
        I've never had any problem with odors. There is no change in the texture.
        I don't bother with pasta since it takes no appreciable time to cook.
        Potatoes get mealy in the freezer so I never freeze them.

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          I keep twice baked potatoes frozen and have never experienced mealiness.

        2. I've had no problem freezing rice.

          I had some leftover once. I put it in the freezer. I ended up using it up in chicken and rice (Campbells) soup. I'd just grab a handful and add it to the can when I emptied into my tupperware to take to work. It was beautiful.


          1. We used to cook a huge batch of fried rice, set it aside to cool, and then stuff into gallon sized ziploc bags for freezing. Very handy and portable for when we go camping. Can double as "ice" in the cooler.