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Oct 19, 2006 03:43 PM

What does my dip need?

So I made a large batch of dip last night for a party this weekend. I used 1 lb of cream cheese, about 3/4 lb of danish blue cheese, 1 c. of pecans and two bosc pears caramelized in unsalted butter. This was what the recipe called for, but the result is unimpressive - nice blue cheese flavor but pretty bland.

What can I do to doctor it up? I'm thinking lemon juice or maybe chili powder? Thanks in advance for saving my dip from the garbage!

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  1. I have two suggestions:

    1. Just a little freshly cracked black pepper added; and maybe a tiny bit of freshly grated ginger; or

    2. Drizzle a little bit of tamarand chutney on it when you serve it.

    1. You could try adding salt.

      1. Yes...salt, cracked black pepper, some brandy.

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          And a little lemon or balsamic vinegar...some acid is needed to balance the richness of the cheeses. IMHO, blue cheese dips tend to get stronger over time...it can take a little while for the full flavor of the cheese to infuse the cream cheese.

        2. I think roasted garlic would be nice and would definitely up the flavor ante, but I do love garlic!

          1. My best suggestion, don't do what I would do. I would have a look at these responses then doctor the whole lot, I would then kick myself if I wasn't happy with the result. Amend a small batch first and check it, then do the whole lot.

            Every time I do this sort of thing I doctor a whole batch of sauce, only to have to then re-doctor the doctored sauce. You'd think I'd learn but I never do.

            I'd add seasoning (fair bit of cracked black pepper) and lemon juice, possibly some fine lemon zest too for a bit more zing.