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Oct 19, 2006 03:36 PM

new wine shop in Vienna

I've yet to see any mention of an excellent new wine shop 'Out of Sight Wines' in Dominion Road, Vienna. Everything I've bought there has been very good indeed and they have a selection that includes varietals and sources that I've not seen anywhere else. There is a website (Outofsightwines) and the guys who run the place are friendly, unpretentious, and enthusiastic. A nice atmosphere and decent prices. Lots of tastings and events too.


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  1. That isn't the correct web address...and I did a google search and nothing came up for 'Out of Sight Wines'...sure you got that right? I'm interested in checking it out.

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    1. re: AlliantK

      I'm surprised a search didn't provide the info - however here are the exact details:

      phone: 703-319-WINE (9463)


      1. re: bruce in oakton

        Ahhh...well it's in the different spelling of "sight" vs. "site" first said "sight"...hence the no return on the google search...but thanks for the info and clarification. :)

        You said everything you've bought there has been good...any top recommendations?

    2. Some very nice things amongst the Spanish and Italian - producers I've not seen before, and this weekend some knockout Western Australian Shiraz.