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Oct 19, 2006 03:32 PM

looking 4 indian fine dining

after getting in2 indian in a big way the past year, Kebab Factory being at the top of our current list, we are looking for great indian in a fine dining, or upscale setting. we would like to stay in the boston/cambridge/somerville area but will travel. we do like Lala Rokh, but thatz more persian.

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    1. If you can get to Coolidge Corner (easily done on the Green Line) there's Rani, which is quite good. The room is not ultra-upscale trendy, but is, if I remember correctly, a white tablecloth and well-dressed waiters sort of environment.

      1. I'd second Tamarind Bay. Also Namaskar in Davis Square has nice decor and great food, though not as fancy as Tamarind Bay.

        1. Tamarind Bay for sure. Another place to try, if you're just getting into more exotic Asian foods in general, is Helmand. It's an upscale Afghani restaurant. Afghani food isn't equivalent to Indian, but it is somewhat similar.

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            Helmand is pretty great. And you can support the new government of Afghanistan!

            I've always been unimpressed by Kebab Factory... but that might be largely due to my bitterness over the closing of Noodles in that location.

            1. re: zebedee

              The sheermal at Kebab Factory is the most decadent bread I've ever had.

              1. re: fenian

                I WOULD say that I'd give it a try, but I know I'd be lying. I don't see myself going back to KF.

                So, not to hijack, but I'm now living between Kendall and Inman... I haven't yet tried the more local Indian places. Are any of them any good?

                1. re: zebedee

                  I'd rank the Indian restaurants I've tried on this side of the Charles roughly like this (leaving out places I don't recommend):

                  Tamarind Bay, Kebab Factory, Namaskar, Bombay Club, Punjab, Tanjore, Cafe of India.

                  I think they're all good and that Indian is a strength of the area. Even some of the ones I left out aren't bad, and there was a time when I really liked Punjabi Dhaba in Inman Square.

                  1. re: fenian

                    Heh - well, yeah, you know what you're getting at the PD, so you can't really hold it to the same standard. It's certainly tasty!

                    I had no idea Namaskar was so good. I'll have to give it a shot. Is Haveli intentionally excluded because it's not recommended?

                    1. re: zebedee

                      I went there once and did not like it. Don't remember what I got or what I didn't like (probably bland for my tastes).

                      I think Namaskar is a board favorite. I've never had a bad meal there. The buffet is particularly good.

                      1. re: fenian

                        Ok, thanks. And now to return this thread to its original owners :)

            2. re: fenian

              we've done Helmand. while we liked it for the food and the room was nice for some reason the overall impression didn't really impress us that much. but the pumpkin app was wicked good.

            3. Slightly outside your area, but kashish in Belmont is a white-tablecloth, good service kind of place, with good food. Limited wine and beer selections. I find the Reisling they have is particularly good with spicy foods.