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Oct 19, 2006 02:22 PM

shameless cry for ideas: lunch in downtown x-ing

I just can't think of anything interesting for lunch today.
I am in Downtown Crossing.

Don't feel like the usual Falafel King or Pho Pasteur. Trying to be moderately healthy, low-ish calorie - don't want to blow daily allocation at lunchtime.

Any good ideas about grilled meats? I would love a nice kabob... charred meat for some strange reason appeals right now. Having said that, *anything* goes. I'm at a loss!


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  1. Is Pita Kabob on Chauncy Street open yet?

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    1. re: Bostonbob3

      I walked the length of Chauncey St and didn't see anything that looked like a restaurant coming in last week.

      How about Sultan's Kitchen on State St?

      I haven't tried this place yet but mean to. Boston Kebab House..7 Liberty Sq..which is near the Vault. 1/2 the place is the Bull Market Deli..standard deli..other 1/2 is Turkish food.

      1. re: 9lives

        No grilled meat, but I had the veggie meze at Sultan's yesterday. HOLY COW was it good. Very filling, too. $10 though.

    2. How about the sushi place in the food court? It's decent and a good value.

      Just had a falafel sandwich from the King yesterday - yum!

      I also had a very yummy meatball sub with provolone (50c extra) from the Hungry Traveler. I thought the meatballs were surprisingly delish!

      1. Definitely try Troquet. Not *exactly* Downtown Crossing, but basically two blocks away. Lunch there isn't fancy, as you'd expect if you've ever been for dinner. You order at the downstairs bar and they'll either wrap it to go or you can seat yourself at one of the tables on the ground level. The soups are really good and seem low-cal (they also have some straightforward salads) and there's probably something involving grilled meat on the sandwich menu.

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        1. re: peelmeagrape

          My soup and sandwich from Troquet was excellent.

          Burrito Express for tacos. I much prefer to Herrera's

          Pastrami/corned beef..Sam LaGrasso's..Province St

          Al's on State St makes good subs.

          Sakura Bana for sushi

          Thurs only..too late for this week; Pizzeria Rico on Bromfield makes a fresh roast turkey sandwich,w stuffing, cranberry, gravy

        2. Try the Herreras burrito cart outside Macys. Great steak burrito or Mexican rice bowl.

          1. The Chilean sandwiches at Chacarero are fantastic.