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Oct 19, 2006 02:19 PM

Specific Request from DC Hound

Staying at Westin Hotel in Time Square all next week. Only have Sunday and Tuesday nights to myself. Seeking a few options for dinner. First, must be open on Sunday (or Tuesday). Looking for quality $$$-$$$$ spots. Specifically, must be within a reasonable walk from hotel, the closer the better. Must have comfortable dining area for single diner, either a good bar area or lounge area where it is not unusual to serve dinner (don't want to reserve a table for one), but offers full menu in that area. Decent cocktail and strong wine by the glass menu a plus. All cuisines considered, but non-asian preferred. Italian trattoria or french provencial or american traditional very welcome.

I was hoping to hit one of Batali's places, but I guess none of them are nearby?

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  1. You could try DB Moderne, on 44th St., I think.

    1. I agree with MMRuth's dbBistro suggestion. I think they have a communal table, as well as small tables in the bar area.

      Actually, there is a Batali restaurant in the vicinity of your hotel -- Esca, which is on 43rd St., just west of 9th Av. While my one experience there was disappointing, it has a boatload of fans on this and other food forums. It's open Sunday and Tuesday, has bar dining, and serves seafood with a decided Italian bent. One caveat: They get slammed during pre-theater dining, so I strongly suggest that you dine there after 8 p.m. (A good idea as well for dbBistro.


      1. If not too far, the Modern in the Museum of Modern Art has a very nice bar room that many like better than the main restaurant. 50th between 5th and 6th. I'd say compared to db it is much more inventive and a better value.

        1. Yeah, go to the bar at The Modern. Don't bother with the resto itself.


          1. Also becco! i've had some real good meals there!