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Oct 19, 2006 01:15 PM

Advice on where to eat (good food, engergetic atmosphere) in Scarborough

The city girls are heading to the wilds of Scarborough (Warden and Eglinton area??) to take a friend out for dinner for her birthday...she's a new mom, so we want to stay in her 'hood..she's new to the area and we have no idea what to suggest...we have a car...she will only eat "familiar" food (i.e., nothing spicy or ethnic)..don't want to break the bank, but happy to spend about 50.00 per person (I suspect there will be limited alcohol intake, sadly)

any suggestions??

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  1. Warden & Eglinton has become a spicy, ethnic corner. At least 1 Armenian, 1 Pakistani/Indian, 2 Vietnamese, & 3 Caribbean places I can think of off the top of my head and more that won't come to me right now.

    If you really want familiar and unspicy at that intersection, I would suggest (at great personal risk) Kelsey's on Eglinton 1 set of lights east of Warden. It may not make you a Hound, but your new mom friend is feeding new baby so likely would need such a place.

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      I'll protect you from those ferocious hounds who may take joy in dissing your Kelsey's rec...I fear that's where we will end up anyway (I was actually thinking of Milestones or Jack Astors over by the Scar.Town there you go!)...was praying there might be a nice little Italian place close by though...

    2. Closest little Italian place that I'd recommend is Michelangelo's, 1910 Gerrard E just west of Woodbine. It's an old fashioned place. The food is good and the staff are nice. I doubt they'd mind a table of non-drinkers, but of course I'd have to guess at that. Closer that the Town Centre, that's for sure and much more character. You can park right on the street out front too.

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        I ALWAYS drive past this place and have wondered about it. The sign looks kinda old .. is it good pasta? what dishes are worth trying?

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          me too!!! i've always wanted to try that place but i'm not sure of the prices? the sign looks very old, tavern like almost.

      2. This place is straight out of the past. They serve traditional pasta dishes and do them well. The most modern ingredient they have may be sundried tomatoes. You gotta love a place that still serves dishes like manicotti, ravioli, and cannelloni without any attempt to retrofit them.

        I wouldn't necessarily consider it a destination resto, but it reasonably fulfills Redhead's needs. Certainly, new mom friend should feel relaxed in the environment. Definitely my girlfriends and I have had our fair share of "energetic" nights there. Fun is where and what you make it, after all.

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          do you specifically recommend anything?

        2. i'd recommend two italian places: Joe Maggiano's at NW corner plaza of Vic Park/Sheppard and Remezzo's at SW corner of Warden/Sheppard. I find the quality at Joe Maggiano's very good (they call themselves an italian steak house i think and everything i've had there is pretty good - atmo reminds me of milestones) Remezzo's is also very good italian, but i think the menu at Joe Maggiano's is a bit more varied.

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                oh nevermind I found them. And actually it made me realise I have been to Remezzo, and I found it to be pretty good.

            1. Wow! some great information here..sounds like we may have a few choices (and not one sarcastic comment about Kelsey's! Am I on the right page? Kinder, gentler hounds these days..)

              I will be sure to report back on my experience.