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Oct 19, 2006 12:22 PM

New Top Chef Contestants

So, it looks like we have some repeat personalities from last season. Marcel is quite fond of himself and already pegged as the villian. The quiet, confident winner of the challenge. He was told that Harold won the first challenge last season too...Foreshadowing, perhaps?

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  1. When there are 15 contestants, I find it too hard to really have opinions on anyone at this point. I'm happy the show is back and the new host is a VAST improvement over Billy Joel's daughter, I mean wife.

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    1. re: Muhlyssa

      I agree... at this point, none of them are really standing out to me except, of course Stephen, oops I mean Marcel! ;-)

      I think new host is gorgeous and I like her demeanor MUCH better, obviously!

    2. I just couldn't stay up last night to watch, so it's taped to watch tonight. I did read profiles earlier when first put up on Bravo, and did think there were repeats on the character types.

      1. The challenges were pretty good, especially compared with some last season's.

        Though including industrial garbage like processed cheese food and, to a lesser extent, Jif peanut butter was bogus. And having two different sets of ingredients made for an uneven playing field. Though with the producers factoring in personality, it's not really an even playing field anyway. They'll keep Wolverine around till the end no matter how sloppy and confused his food may be.

        I loved that the Mexican contestant referred to the yellow milk gel as "the American ... product."

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Haha, the Wolverine comment made me laugh out loud.

        2. I'm really loving the improvement Padma Lakshmi makes-- it's a wonder what an interesting, articulate host does to improve the show.

          Kudos to Bravo for realizing their blunder and rectifying it so wonderfully.



          1. Yes, couldn't agree more about the hosting change. Pretty AND personable with a nice voice.

            The rest of the show -- well, it's the sophomore curse of reality shows. The self-consciousness about strategy and acting up the rolls is not so interesting.
            Off the bat, I liked the first season better. But then, there was Keller and the drama of the hot and hot-headed Irish man.

            The celeb chefs teased for future episodes were fun -- Suzanne Goin and Bourdain.

            I really like the Mexican woman - both for her "American Product" comment and for liking Marcel's dish when everyone else went after him. I'm feeling some integrity from her, refreshing! The lady from Oakland who worked those frog legs is ready for a cooking show of her own -- she has alot of presence.

            Did Otto remind anyone else of Bill Murray?

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            1. re: pitu

              Bill Murray-Brilliant...Yeah I can definitely see the guy going on about monkey women and gophers.