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Oct 19, 2006 11:24 AM

Boston hound in SF near Moscone Center

Visiting San Fran next week for an Oracle conference at the Moscone Center. Would love some recommendations within walking distance of the Moscone Center.


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  1. You didn't indicate price point? Any food preferences? Lunch, dinner? You are actually within walking distance of a huge number of places so if you could elaborate on price, preference and meal it would be helpful.

    1. We can start an interesting list:

      * Pazzia (3rd between Folsom and Harrison) Authentic Italian, small & cozy
      * Mochica (Harrison near 5th) Peruvian
      * LuLu (Folsom near 4th) Cal/Mediterranean boisterous and loud
      * Oola (Folsom near 5th) exotic barfood; edgy industrial/hip atmosphere; open until 1 a.m.
      * Fifth Floor (in Palomar Hotel) Cal/French, great wine program, very expensive (someone will say “has received mixed reports here” :-) )
      * Henry’s Hunan (110 Natoma, near Howard & 2nd) Chinese
      * Mehfil Indian (Folsom @ 2nd)
      * Bacar (Brannan near 4th) Cal/Fusion, excellent wine program, 100 wines by the glass, live jazz, serves until 11
      * Coco500 (Brannan @ 4th) small plate Cal/Med. 30ish, hip crowd
      * Fringale (4th between Brannan and Bryant) French Bistro, white tablecloth
      * Koi Samui and the Monkey (Brannan near 3rd) westernized Thai, but not bad
      * Bong Su (3rd near Folsom) modern Vietnamese, very swank surroundings, mixed reports on food
      * Mo’s Burgers (top of Moscone South) good burger place with wide choice of preps
      * Beard Papa’s (near Mission and 4th) cream puffs
      * Samovar Tea Lounge (top of Moscone North in Yerba Buena Gardens) try for lunch

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      1. re: Paul H

        UPDATE: bacar keeps cutting back. The kitchen now closes at 10 p.m.

      2. We've already got a current topic started by another conventioneer:

        1. As long as these are cross-referenced ... everyplace is going to be jammed so, going into the little alleys ...

          Walk up 3rd street till you see South Park, it is a little park area. In that section is
          - South Park Cafe
          - Mexico au Parc (lunch only. Don't let the name put you off)
          - Chef & the Butler (lunch only)
          - Cafe Centro (sandwiches/coffee but recent downhill report)

          At the end of the park for dinner on 2nd is Nova (a few recs) and 21st Ammendment (not as good as years past, but house-made beer)

          What's the name of that Indian Place on 3rd that everyon liked. I think it was Shai or something like that and then it got new owners but still a positive report.

          Brickhouse off of Third on Brannan has had some positive reports on the board.

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          1. re: rworange

            It was "Shan." The sign is still there, but it is under new ownership and now called "Nann and Chutney." However, for most Oracle Open World attendees, wouldn't Chaat Cafe on 3rd @ Folsom be a better recommendation?

            1. re: Paul H

              Don't know for sure since I haven't tried either. It was just an alternative. Chaat Cafe is closer, but given any place that close will be swamped, Naan & Chutney is another option a block or two up the street.

              1. re: Paul H

                I liked Shan much better than Chaat Cafe. Haven't tried it under the new management.