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Oct 19, 2006 11:10 AM

new restaurant every month for a year.....

my husband and i got married in september and honeymooned in italy...after spoiling ourselves with so much fabulous food, we decided to go out for dinner every month on our anniversary to a new and exciting doesn't have to be fancy, or break the bank, but it has to be GOOD and it has to be in baltimore......any suggestions hounders?

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  1. Peter's Inn.
    Tortilleria on Eastern.

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      1. re: Hal Laurent

        About 5 or 6 stools along the L shaped counter. As much as I love the place, I'm not sure it's quite the anniversary dinner kind of place, even though it technically meets her stated requirements. I'd save it for a Saturday lunch.

        1. re: Hal Laurent

          They have a few stools and a wrap around counter.

      2. Since you're talking about once-a-month "anniversary" dinners, I would probably lean in the fancy direction...if it were me.

        My list (full of the usual suspects) would be:

        Chameleon Cafe
        Petit Louis
        Ambassador (maybe)
        Black Olive (maybe)
        Peter's Inn

        I know I'm forgetting something... But then instead of two more, I'd hit a few of my favorites again, but in the opposite season, when the menu is completely different. And of course, in 6 or 9 months there could a few new entries to the list that don't exist yet. (i hope.)

        Cool idea though.

        1. 12 months of special dinners (Limited to independent city venues)

          1. Abacrombie
          2. Sotto Sopra
          3. Petit Louis
          4. Mezze
          5. La Cazuela (casual)
          6. Chef Ras Doobie (casual)
          7. Salt
          8. Minato
          9. Birches
          10. Tharish (very casual)
          11. Tapas Teatro
          12. Samos

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          1. re: BaltFoodie

            I want to go to your list, Baltfoodie!

          2. David Craig in Bethesda.

            1. In no particuliar order
              Chamelon Harford Rd
              Ikaros Eastern Avenue
              Tio Pepes Franklin Street
              Marticks Mulberry Street(if he's open)
              Samos Oldham Street
              Hull Street Blues Hull Street(duh)
              Prime Rib Clavert Street($$$$)
              Black Olive Bond Street ($$$$)
              Brass Elephant Charles Street
              Brewers Art Charles Street
              Matthews Pizza Eastern Avenue
              Pierpoints Aliceanna Street
              Wine Market Fort Avenue

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              1. re: Hue

                I need good restaurants in the area that serve fine lunch meals for myself and my sister when I visit her. I have satisfied that need at Black Olive and Pierpoint's Aliceanna. Do any of the others on your list qualify? Unfortunately Pierpoint won't be open the Friday before Thanksgiving for lunch. Their second new restaurant (North of Baltimore) has a limited lunch menu. Too many of the very good restaurants only have a limited lunch menu or are open only for dinner.

                1. re: AlanMa

                  I wonder if that is so these yahoos don't feel obliged to offer their foods at a cheaper lunch rate, as so many other restaurants do?