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Oct 19, 2006 11:05 AM

phila bars with pittsburgh fanbase

there has to be a local bar owned by a pittsburgh transplant in philadelphia. a haven for stillers fans amongst all the iggles loyalists...a good place to watch football or baseball and have decent drinks and food. does such a place exist here in phila? and if it does could someone tell me where and what it is? thanks in advance for all your help.

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  1. the "regular" bartender at Sassafras on 2nd street is from Pittsburgh - and he is very good friends with another bartender next door at Brownies, also from Pittsburgh. Sometimes when Brownies is feeling frisky, they have corndogs on the menu (from a box, but hey, who am I to complain?). Oh yes - and I am just about certain that they serve DiNics roast pork.....

    And the Sass burgers are mighty good (buffalo and...lamb? do they have lamb burgers? I am kinda sure. oh maybe a Roethlisbuuuuuurrrrrger...sorry, couldn't help myself) Their wings are great - and their french onion soup is pretty good too. back to the burgers - I really think they do have a lamb burger - that was no joke.

    You won't get a huge rowdy football crowd but for good beers, good food, and maybe a Steelers fan or two, try one of these places.

    1. As an Eagles fan, I don't know why I am helping the enemy but...

      During last year's Super Bowl season, Fox and Hound at 15th and Spruce, was a haven for Steelers fans most of the year.

      1. If you look in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette online, somewhere in there is a list of Steeler Nation bars, all over the country. I would call to see if it is a real Steeler bar though. My cousin loves in Scottsdale AZ, and she reports that you have to have a ticket to get into the Steeler bar there for game days.