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Oct 19, 2006 09:55 AM

Fish & Chips Annapolis

Where are the best places to check out on a weekend shopping trip.

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  1. Ram's Head has pretty good pub grub and microbrewed beer.

    1. I'm not very keen on what is being offered in terms of fish and chips in Annapolis right now. I grew up in London, so I'm probably a bit more snobby than most folks when it comes to authentic fish and chips, but so much of what I've had is really not very good. I've had decent fish at some places with horrible chips and great chips with horrible fish at others. I order it sometimes at Boatyard, but again, this is certainly not anywhere in the top ten of places to get fish and chips. It's okay in terms of the fish and the atmosphere is fun for my two year old. I've heard good things about Eamonn's in Old Town Alexandria though. And I'm anxious to trek to Manhattan to try Bondi Road now that my sister has given it a favorable report.

      Try Boatyard or Ram's Head and tell us what you think. Please don't go to Galway Bay or to Killarney House and order it though - truly the worst versions I've had yet!