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Oct 19, 2006 09:41 AM

Do you use a Silpat to roll out dough?

If so, how does it work?

I am heading into the Time of the Cookie Madness wherein I make thousands and thousands of cookies, biscotti, fudge and so on for holiday gifts, and every year I invest in some new tools or toys. This year the plan is to get two large food-safe bins for keeping flour and sugar, and I was thinking of getting one or two of the big Silpats for rolling out the cut-out cookies. But I don't want to spend the money if it is not better than using the counter. So, what say you all? I'll check back later, gotta find me a mail order source for 20 pounds of pistachios...

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  1. Type silpat into search option and you'll turn up endless from 10/8/06.
    Before that post I used my silpat in the oven, on baking sheet, but had never considered it for rolling dough.

    1. Never thought of it, but I like them for baking sheets. I think I would give it a try. Let s know how it goes.

      1. Yes I use my Silpats (actually Roulpats) to roll dough. I don't do many cookies, but I use them to roll out pie dough for 12" pans. I make a very flaky pastry with lard/butter which is difficult to handle because of the high fat content. Using 2 Silpats makes it easier. I have yet to use Silpats for baking, I prefer parchment to get good crisp edges.

        If you do get Silpats for rolling out cookies, consider getting the large size. Mine are 11" x 17". Anything smaller would be frustrating if you're rolling out a largish amount.

        1. Yes, I have a really big one (bigger than 11x17, maybe more like 18x24?) that I got from the King Arthur folks. I don't do many rolled cookies, but I love it for rolling pie dough. Because of the rough side it's less likely to slip on the counter, it's big enough to roll out pastry for my BIG pie dishes, and I use less dusting flour (although I do use some.)

          1. Silpats are nice but not necessary to roll out dough. The real benefit is baking the cookies on them.