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Oct 19, 2006 07:09 AM

Bat Nuts/caltrop

Where can one find bat nuts (AKA water caltrop, demon pod, etc) in LA?


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  1. Where are you located? I've seen them at most Asian supermarkets, like 99 Ranch in San Gabriel, Shun Fat in Monterey Park, and at the Arcadia Supermarket in Arcadia.

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    1. re: Hailyn

      West LA - can drive to San Gabriel or Chinatown. Will check, thanks!

    2. These things always scare me. What are you supposed to do with them? I don't think I've ever seen them on a menu.

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      1. re: ladelfa

        ladelfa, try searching "caltrop" on the General board, there have been some threads about these mysterious objects over the years: general consensus seems to be that you roast 'em like chestnuts, but other ideas have been suggested.

        1. re: PayOrPlay

          Well, here's a slightly different question: do any restaurants in the LA area have them on the menu?

      2. I saw some at Ai Hoa Supermarket in Chinatown on Monday.