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Oct 19, 2006 06:12 AM

Namskar Calgary

Has anyone been to Namskar on 16 Ave and is the service usually so slow? The food was great but it took an amazingly long time for it to come out, not only for us but everyone around us too.

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  1. I've only been for the buffet, but found the service pretty good as far as keeping the water and naan coming!

    1. I've had dinner there once and enjoyed it, though the place was empty, so the food seemed to come quickly enough. The staff can be a bit hovery, but earnestness shouldn't be punished to harshly. Gets high points from a few people I know in the neighbourhood.

      1. I find most East Indian places are slow, because if they're even half-decent, they'll make everything to order. It's worth the wait IMO.

        1. Shazam, I thought that might be the case but I've been to a few East Indian restaurants and it's never taken the food that long to come out. In their defence, it was completely full and the kitchen was probably dancing as fast as they could.

          JJD, what sort of things do they put out for the buffet? I wouldn't mind trying it.

          1. I once went to Rajdoot when it was utterly packed; it took 45 minutes to get our food. However, the food came very hot (temperature-wise), and I could see their three chefs moving around like headless chickens in the kitchen.

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            1. i wasn't that impressed with rajdoot either - we waited a very long time and couldn't even get the first beer!! there was only one waiter for the entire restaurant and 3 other people standing around (they would bring out the odd dish of food but that was it). definitely better places for indian in town!

              a recent good experience i had on fourth was at bistro 2210 - good service and delicious food all at a fairly reasonable price in the current restaurant market. Also had a great lunch yesterday at wildwood - friendly service, good lamb burger and good beer!